Newspaper article

The November 29th, 2018 issue of Pudasjärvi Lehti had a great article on how the Pikku-Syöte ski resort is having success with RentSportsEquip software.

Here’s a lousy Google translation: The Pikku-Syöte equipment rental company has completely moved to the digital system. Markus Pyttynen and Werner Klauser, the dermatologist, jointly planned the necessary system for renting a car. Programming expert Werner took care of the coding system in accordance with the wishes of the rental. The system has now been in use for one season and has received excellent experiences. Computer-based hiring greatly accelerates customer service when manual recording is completely eliminated. Werner made this system very professional. In addition, he was able to listen to our wishes in connection with the program and the implementation serves our purpose perfectly. The program shows the number, location and sizes and lengths of the equipment in the rental car. Equally, the return of the devices is quick as the bar code reads the products returned and marks them back, said skipper Markus. It is also possible to use this system for rental of other equipment. In Little Syöte, it is planned to be included in the wheel rental.

Here’s a copy of the original (in Finnish):